Thursday, January 27, 2011

Photo walk . . .

Frost on what I think is Mexican hat (Ratibida columnifera) out on the septic field.
My daughter and I call frost "Texas snow," as the real thing is so rare for us!

Flame-leaf sumac bark (Rhus lanceolata).

Scary, eh? Prickly pear
(I think Opuntia engelmannii var. lindheimeri)
grows here and there on our acreage.


  1. Dear Cynthia, What strangely beautiful images you capture here. I love the idea of frost being referred to as Texas Snow and find it hard to believe that you are not, as I write, gripped by the snowstorms of which we read so much at present in the UK.

  2. Thanks, Edith! We are located too far south for snow, to my daughter's chagrin. We get some once every three or four years!

  3. Ratibida columnifera is beautiful.... with a faint glimpse of snow...

  4. I am feeling strangely comfortable in the knowledge that I live in NC where I would not accidentally stumble and impale myself up a prickly pear.

    Being a natural born klutz, I have to look out for natural hazards where ever they may be.

  5. @Bangchik - It's even prettier in the summer when it blooms. Oh, and we have a chance of real snow later this week!

    @lifeshighway - Ha! We had a German foreign exchange student a few years' back who had to spend several hours picking those thorns out. The worst are the tiny ones you can't see, but can certainly feel!