Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Postcard from Texas

Pavonia blooms.
Howdy from central Texas! I know you are really glad you are not here this summer - during the worst one-year drought on record!!

Even in the midst of the drought, a few plants are brightening my yard. The only bloomers are on the east side of the house so they get late afternoon shade, and in the bed that I water regularly. Other than that, nothing is blooming on our twelve acres. Absolutely nothing. No wildflowers, no trees, no grasses.

So let us enjoy these beauties, and dream of blooms to come when it rains again.

Pavonia - rock rose.

Lovely purple
morning glories.
A few coneflower blooms remain.

At one time my mother-in-law told me the name of this plant, a start of which was given to me by a neighbor.  But I've slept since then. It's a great pot plant, that spreads quickly and easily, doesn't require much water, and look - it has the coolest little discrete maroon flowers!


  1. Ain't Rock Rose a tough, old plant - still blooming in spite of everything. Happy GBBD!

  2. Gotta love those tough plants...the Rock Rose is a stunner...and that purple Morning Glory is beautiful!

  3. I love pavonia! My garden would not be the same without it. Such an easy care plant. Glad to see yours is still blooming for you.