Monday, February 13, 2012

Farmer Dan's garden

The weather was lovely on Saturday – or at least it looked lovely through the window. My husband, desperate to avoid cleaning out our shack, proclaimed, “We shall clean up the garden!”

Mixed lettuce - hurrah!
So out we trooped: my husband, daughter, father and I. My father, who was only an observer, scurried back to the house quickly. It was not quite as lovely as it appeared; a cold wind cut through our blue jeans.

Nonetheless, the rest of us persevered.

You may recall that I planted seeds in early December when I was playing Pioneer Woman. It was a leap of faith, as weathermen had prognosticated that the drought would continue and I had resolved not to water AT ALL.

The seeds germinated, thanks to continuing showers, then languished as young plants for a month or so. A freeze approached, so I covered that bed with row cover and left it in place.

Voila! The row cover’s heat- and moisture-retaining ability did the trick. Our garden contains flourishing lettuce, healthy but small spinach, turnips and Swiss chard (the last two are not quite so far along). I have not grown veggies in a long while, so this success is gratifying.

(My husband is the usual vegetable gardener. It says so on the garden gate.)

Interlopers overran the rest of the garden: thistles, hairy vetch, henbit, etc. We rousted them. Every one. We rousted them in such a vigorous fashion that we had to doff our coats. We rousted them so vigorously that I’ve been sore for the last two days. Then my daughter tossed the interlopers into the compost bin (they had not gone to seed yet, never fear!) and tromped on them quite thoroughly and disdainfully. “Take that!” I heard her shout. Or not.

Ready to plant. Yes, that is an eight-foot fence - deer proof!

In between disdainful tromps, she discovered egg cases of unidentified insects and adopted a millipede (“I shall call her Millie,” she said. Or was that I?)

My father reappeared to make sure we were following proper garden protocols.

Now are ready to plant. We are still in the same boat: we cannot, shall not water from the well. But rain continues, so we will plant the most drought tolerant vegetables we can find as early as possible and wish them good luck. Your good wishes are welcome, also.


  1. Your garden looks so neat and tidy! I have yet to get mine cleaned up - and yes, I hear the clock ticking! i am very, very, very! envious of your deer fence! Good luck with the new vegetable garden. Fresh veggies are so worth a little work and trouble.

    1. Yes, we are loving the fresh lettuce and spinach! As for the fence, we joke about keeping those killer carrots corralled . . .

  2. Good work.
    I cleaned out my veggie garden a while back. But, haven't gotten back out there to plant seeds. Time for cool weather veggies is slipping away.

    1. You're right, and I'm not feeling very positive about the spring crop, but we shall see!