Saturday, May 25, 2013

Life's Wheel

This plant is unknown, but seems
to enjoy our woods!
                    These past few weeks in my English Honors class, we have been reading Tuck Everlasting, by Natalie Babbitt. Frequently used throughout the story is the metaphor : "Life is a Wheel." These past few weeks, I for once decided to actually try to LEARN, and READ (shocking, I know) in Mrs. H's class, and I discovered that it was slightly (okay maybe REALLY) worth it.

Peach. sadly not ripe.
Our squash plant's leaves
after a good drink

Today, I went out to cater to my chickens, and decided to take a while, and ride my life's wheel. I lay with my back to the ground, and stared up at the sky, partly obscured by jealous trees. I took deep breaths, and felt the woods hum about me. The ash junipers stood still, moved by the occasional rogue wind, and the summertime air was hot, and dense. It was glorious. There is almost nothing better in this life, than standing in the woods, oblivious to human nature, and society, and listening to life itself.    

Ashe Juniper (cedar) trees. Again, in the corner, is the mystery plant.

This is our peach tree's trunk. Oddly enough, it seems to enjoy growing in our chicken pen!

Gray Santolina, ever cheerful.

Mexican Hat. We happen to have a ginormous patch of it near
our veggie garden.
So now the yuccas bloom, the verbena flower, the bees cluster around the ponds, and I head for  my 12th summer vacation. I suggest, this summer, that you all take a minute or two, to simply ride life's wheel, instead of driving.


  1. garden helper for On A Hays County HIllMay 25, 2013 at 2:42 PM

    This was written by Hannnahrae, a garden-helper-elf!

    1. A very enjoyable and thought-provoking post! By slowing down and taking the time to experience and appreciate nature, we add balance to our busy lives, which helps the wheel keep turning. I plan to take the time whenever possible to follow your guest blogger's advice.

  2. garden helper for On A Hays County HillMay 26, 2013 at 7:53 PM

    Why thank you!

  3. Good advice---I'll try to take it.

  4. I too enjoy life and slowing down to examine the things others just walk past or do not even take a moment to notice. This was a wonderful blog and I am sure it will be enjoyed by many!
    thank you